Taking responsibility for our impact on the environment is a high priority for Treble Twenty. We are working at an ever improving emissions and waste reduction programme, which is already bringing real results.

We as a company have taken many measures to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the damage our vehicles do to the local air quality. We operate vehicles with as low a CO2 emission as practically possible, our new Ford Focus Estate diesels emit just 118g CO2/km. All our vehicles are Euro IV compliant. We are already working on Euro V compliance.

Treble Twenty currently has the following measures in place; however it is our intention to expand these policies in order to totally offset our carbon emissions.

  • Reducing tailpipe emissions
  • Utilising renewable fuels where available
  • Recycling end of life vehicles
  • Reduce energy consumption i.e. energy efficient lighting, intelligent heating
  • Buying Green Electricity, generated by wind, solar and hydro power
  • Recycle waste products i.e. Oil, Tyres, Service Parts, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic and Metals
  • All electronic equipment is set to energy save mode
  • Purchase of further LPG/Hybrid vehicles
  • Use of recycled paper