By embracing the latest technology, both in fleet and business management we are able to deliver to our customers the highest levels of reliability, efficiency, safety and accountability. With a bespoke booking system and our auto-allocation system, Treble Twenty is proud to be at the cutting-edge of computerised dispatch technology.

Since its beginning in 1992, technology has played a critical role in developing our services, resulting in greater efficiency and providing added value to our customers.

Treble Twenty were the UK’s first innovator of the Mobile Knowledge GPS Vehicle Dispatch system installed in our vehicles and custom built call centre. This system allows us to know the exact location of every one of our vehicles so we can dispatch the nearest appropriate vehicle to the customer.

Our system stores detailed records of every booking and taxi journey. This allows us to maintain accountability in the event we need to track the history of any booking including the exact route driven by any of our vehicles.

We invest heavily in our infrastructure enabling us to bring you facilities such as ‘CallBack’, ‘TextBack’ and ‘On-Line bookings’.

How our GPS Vehicle Dispatch System works

Once your booking is entered into our computerised reservation system by one of our call centre staff our system searches for the nearest available taxi or courier vehicle and sends the details of your booking to the driver via a secure data network. The driver reads the booking screen on his mobile data computer in the vehicle and is directed to your pick up address. Upon request you can receive a ‘CallBack’ or ‘TextBack’ message to alert you to the arrival of your taxi. This free service means our customers avoid the need to wait outside on the street and instead, have the convenience of waiting in a safe warm environment.

How ‘CallBack’ and ‘TextBack’ works

When booking your taxi you can request a ‘CallBack’ to your telephone or ‘TextBack’ to your mobile phone.

If you requested ‘CallBack’, when your taxi arrives at the pick up address, the driver will activate a call from our ‘CallBack’ server to your telephone and play an automated recorded message to alert you of your vehicles arrival. By simply pressing the hash key on your telephone you will initiate a message to your driver notifying us that you are aware of your vehicles arrival.
‘TextBack’ works in a similar way, instead of a receiving a recorded message our ‘TextBack’ server sends a SMS text message to your mobile phone alerting you to the arrival of your vehicle.

Online Taxi Booking System

Treble Twenty offers the option to book your taxi online, this is available to both business and private customers.

This quick and simple method of booking allows you to create new bookings, see the status of current bookings and review records of previous bookings at any time. You will receive email confirmation details of each new booking and therefore can have complete confidence in the accuracy of your reservation. As with all of our services this is available to you 24 hours each day, no matter where you are, as long as you have access to the internet.

Many of our existing account customers utilise this system currently and comment on how quick and useful they find it. Especially when travelling abroad and need to arrange a pick up from the airport.

If you are interested in registering for online access with us be it for business or personal use, please call Steve Smith on 01277 236102 for further information.