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Treble Twenty’s pre-paid CabCard, the new way to manage your Taxi spend. CabCard, just for you or several CabCard’s for the family; you decide. CabCard is easy to top–up and manage online; you can view your balance, usage, user details and lots more. CabCard offers our customers the benefit of not having to carry cash to pay for their taxi journeys.

CabCard for teenagers

Worried that your son or daughter could be stranded with no cash and no way of getting home? Worry no more! When a CabCard holder calls to book a taxi, they will be prioritised and sent the first available car. On arrival a text message is sent to the teenager’s mobile phone saying the Taxi has arrived and includes the Make, Model, Colour and Registration Number of the Taxi. Various other text message notifications are available to the parent if required, i.e. when the Taxi has arrived, when the passengers are on board and when the Taxi has arrived at the destination. This provides both the passengers and the parent a high level of safety and peace of mind.

CabCard for the elderly

Worried about an elderly relative, CabCard can help. Whether it’s a Taxi to the supermarket, the doctors or the post office, paying for the Taxi by CabCard takes away the worry of paying by cash and making sure they have enough money with them. As a CabCard user not only will they receive a priority service, we will always do our best to help with the little things, like collect a prescription from the chemist or help with the shopping.

CabCard for the regular user

Do you use Taxis regularly to the station or to work? Then CabCard can help you spread the cost. By using your credit card to top-up your CabCard you can in effect pay monthly for your Taxis

Flexible online payment and account management

Topping up your CabCard could not be easier as you can make payment online by debit or credit card, send us a cheque or pay by cash, cheque or credit card at our office. In addition, you can track your transactions and manage your account via our secure Web interface. Help is only an e-mail or phone call away. CabCard can be used for family members, friends and associates wherever you want to go, whether you need a taxi to the doctors, taking your child to school, shopping or travelling to the airport.

CabCard FAQs

CabCard is a new Pre-Pay Top-Up card available from Treble Twenty Taxis. CabCard Top-Up accounts are managed online and have flexible Top-Up methods i.e. cash, cheque, debit or credit cards. Each time you use your card, the taxi fare is automatically deducted from the balance on the card.
You may use your CabCard in any Treble Twenty Taxi or when making a telephone booking with Treble Twenty Taxis or alternatively flag one of our vehicles that ply for hire on the various ranks in the Brentwood Borough. Every Treble Twenty Taxi, which includes 4 and 6 passenger seat vehicles, displays the 202020 logo on both sides of the vehicle.
Your first step is to complete either our online application if you wish to Top-Up by debit or credit card or complete and send us our paper application form along with a cheque. Alternatively you can top up with cash by visiting our office in Brentwood (Lower Ground Floor, Brentwood station, The Parade, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4EW).
There are no fees and charges for having your CabCard. Simply decide how much you wish to Top-Up onto your card at
You can report your CabCard lost or stolen by calling 01277 202020. We will cancel your existing card and issue a new one.
You are able to activate your card online at or by calling 01277 202020
You can obtain as many CabCard’s as you wish on one account. This allows parents to supply cards to all your family members for their use. Business owners are also able to issue cards to staff members and centralise their usage on one account to help with accountability and avoiding the necessity of staff carrying cash whilst also having a detailed transaction report.
There is a minimum value of £10 needed to obtain your CabCard but there is no maximum.
You can check your balance and transaction information for free, 24 hours a day at Alternatively you can contact our CabCard staff on 01277 202020.
If your taxi fare exceeds the balance on your CabCard you can either top up your card or alternatively pay the balance in cash.
Your CabCard is a pre-paid card. You must have credit on the card in order to use it.
You will need your user name and password to top up online. To make a booking you will need to quote your ‘memorable word’ (This is different than your password).
You may wish to lend your CabCard to someone else but they will be using credit from your CabCard balance.